Index of stories on School Safety

Public safety officials, school administrators and community partners team up to develop tools and strategies to address issues and keep schools safe. Here is a list of success stories organized into the following searchable categories:

  • Apps
  • Emergency Communication
  • Model Programs/Best Practices
  • Tech Innovations
  • Training
  • Videos
Category Success Story Title Published Date
Tech Innovations 32 NCSI Offers Public Safety Self-Assessment Tool February, 2018
Model Programs/Best Practices Anne Arundel “DARE(S)” to Expand Opioid Prevention Education February, 2018
Model Programs/Best Practices Tip Line Blueprint Offers Help to Schools March, 2019
Model Programs Program Takes Multi-Faceted Approach to Active Shooter Training January, 2019
Model Programs C.H.A.M.P.S. Brings Flexibility to Georgia School Safety Education February, 2019
Model Programs Officers, Students and Community Join the “T.E.A.M.” December, 2018
Best Practices NCS4 Offers Free Guidebooks on Sports Security May, 2018
Apps JTIC Releases Desktop Version of School Safe May, 2018
Apps “Report It, Don’t Ignore It” Gives Henderson County Reporting Flexibility July, 2018
Apps School Safe Gives Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools Fresh Angle on Security” Anonymously April, 2018
Apps Free Reporting System Lets Students “Say Something” Anonymously April, 2018
Apps Free Mobile Phone Safety Application Tracks Location, Sends Alarms and Records Data September, 2016
Apps SPK UP NC Offers Anonymous Way to Help April, 2016
Apps Project Safe Campus Gives Students a Voice February, 2016
Apps Protect Your School…With the Launch of an App October, 2015
Apps A “Companion” to See You Safely Home September, 2015
Apps AlertID Partners With Law Enforcement to Promote Safety September, 2015
Apps School Safety Tracker Offers “Four in One” Value April, 2015
Apps App Uses “Peer Power” to Help Stop Cyberbullying March, 2015
Apps Safety Savvy Provides the Answers to Your Questions January, 2015
Apps McGruff Turns to Technology August, 2014
Apps Hero911 and School Guard Work Together for Safer Schools January, 2014
Apps BYU Expands Campus Safety With Virtual Safewalks March, 2018
Apps App Promotes Partnerships With Campus Police June, 2014
Apps KidsSafe Provides Parents With Free Tool and Training April, 2014
Apps Smartphone App Provides Alternative Way for Students to Communicate With Police February, 2013
Emergency Communication School Emergency Screencast Application an “Eye Opener” for Emergency Dispatch August, 2015
Emergency Communication Michigan Students Learn It’s “OK2SAY” January, 2015
Emergency Communication New York State Sheriffs’ Association Connects Schools With Affordable Emergency Response System July, 2015
Emergency Communication Gunshot Detection System Provides Early Warning November, 2014
Emergency Communication Best Practice Solution Closes School Safety Gaps September, 2014
Emergency Communication Panic Button App Allows Silent Communication July, 2014
Emergency Communication “Panic Button” Radios Could Save the Seconds That Count June, 2014
Emergency Communication Building “Bridges” That Enhance Communications March, 2014
Emergency Communication Baltimore County Police See “One View” of Local Schools May, 2014
Emergency Communication Direct Line to Emergency Dispatch February, 2014
Emergency Communication Free Tipline Lets Students Use the “Cyber in Their Pockets” January, 2014
Emergency Communication Connecticut Town Adapts Technology for School Safety November, 2013
Emergency Communication Tip Line Offers Students a Way to Share Information September, 2013
Emergency Communication Anonymous Reporting and Prevention Platform Helps Stop Trouble Before It Starts August, 2013
Emergency Communication Real-Time Location System Provides Enhanced Security in Idaho School August, 2013
Emergency Communication Real-Time Communications Comes to Oregon School July, 2013
Emergency Communication Providing a Direct Connection Between Schools and Law Enforcement June, 2013
Emergency Communication “See-Hear-Report" Reaches Out to Somerset Students February, 2013
Model Programs/Best Practices Cranford Community Embraces Anti-Drug and Alcohol Abuse Message November, 2016
Model Programs/Best Practices New Active Shooter Standard Advocates Whole Community Approach September, 2018
Model Programs/Best Practices Youth Crime Watch Turns Students Into Peer Educators May, 2016
Model Programs/Best Practices National Center for Spectator Sports Safety and Security Offers UAS-Related Resources October, 2018
Model Programs/Best Practices Conference Provides Lessons on Stopping Bullying at Young Age April, 2016
Model Programs/Best Practices Danbury Students Learn How Important it Is to “Say Something” November, 2015
Model Programs/Best Practices Sunnyside-Law Enforcement Partnership Generates Community Support October, 2015
Model Programs/Best Practices Indiana County Implements “One County, One Protocol” June, 2017
Model Programs/Best Practices Pasco County Uses Social Media as “Go To” Resource September, 2015
Model Programs/Best Practices Project Safety Net Emphasizes Team Approach August, 2015
Model Programs F.A.M.I.L.Y. Volunteers Give School Staff Extra Eyes May, 2018
Model Programs/Best Practices Students Lead the Way in Fight Against Bullying June, 2015
Model Programs/Best Practices Campus, Community Partnerships Strengthen Emergency Response June, 2015
Model Programs/Best Practices Erie’s Blue Coats Promote Community Connections, Help Reduce Violence March, 2015
Model Programs/Best Practices STARS Addresses the Concerns of Today March, 2015
Model Programs/Best Practices Illinois School Takes Team Approach to School Safety January, 2015
Model Programs/Best Practices Volunteers Watch Lansing Streets to Promote Safety October, 2014
Model Programs/Best Practices Roanoke City Uses Social Media to Build Trust July, 2014
Model Programs/Best Practices San Antonio School District “Stands Up” Increased Security April, 2014
Model Programs/Best Practices Carroll County Involves Officers in School Patrols…and in Classrooms April, 2014
Model Programs/Best Practices Police School Substations Enhance Safety and Communication March, 2013
Model Programs/Best Practices Municipal Workers Watch Over Neighborhood Streets May, 2013
Model Programs/Best Practices Police Outfitted With Mass Casualty Trauma Kits February, 2013
Model Programs/Best Practices Youth Court in Schools Project Produces Positive Results June, 2017
Model Programs/Best Practices Michigan School Introduces Naloxone Kits, Training June, 2017
Model Programs/Best Practices RebelSAFE Models New “Brand” of Technology Integration December, 2017
Model Programs/Best Practices Cooperation, Partnerships Lead to Creation of Yakima Valley School Safety Operations and Coordination Center May, 2017
Model Programs/Best Practices Fast, Free Reverse Checkout Plan Recognized as Best Practice June, 2017
Model Programs/Best Practices Marion Community Schools Recognized for Bullying Prevention Efforts April, 2017
Model Programs/Best Practices New Jersey Launches Program for SRO-trained Special Law Enforcement Officers April, 2017
Model Programs/Best Practices National Center for School Crisis and Bereavement Provides No-Cost Crisis Response and Training September, 2017
Model Programs/Best Practices Colorado Curriculum Gains National Recognition October, 2017
Model Programs/Best Practices Atlanta Public Schools Offer Different Take on School Policing November, 2017
Model Programs/Best Practices Officer Creates Comic to Help Students Make Good Choices January, 2018
Model Programs/Best Practices “Prep Rally” Promotes School Safety at Oklahoma School March, 2018
Model Programs/Best Practices Students Get Involved in Making Schools “Safe and Sound” March, 2018
Model Programs/Best Practices Automated Student Management System Brings “Peace of Mind” to Kentucky School September, 2016
Model Programs/Best Practices Improving School Climate Leads to Positive Youth Development, Safer Schools March, 2018
Model Programs/Best Practices Pender County Reminds Community to “Report, Don’t Repost” March, 2018
Model Programs Indiana School Safety Specialist Academy Keeps Training Fresh, Relevantd” May, 2018
Training Missouri School Bus Driver Training Emphasizes Situational Awareness, Communication Skills June, 2016
Training Training Helps Lincoln SROs Learn About Adolescent Mental Health January, 2019
Training Webinar Provides Information on Planning for Extracurricular Events January, 2019
Training Webinar Focuses On Learning from Averted and Completed Attacks January, 2019
Training UMass-Amherst Active Threat Training Teaches a New Way of Thinking November, 2015
Training Training Program Aims to Change the Paradigm September, 2015
Training Free Online Training Promotes Safe Sports Events June, 2015
Training Video Training Encourages Bus Drivers to Plan for Safety August, 2014
Training Video Enhances School Bus Driver Training May, 2013
Training Online Program Brings Cost-Effective, Job-Specific Training to Florida Schools August, 2014
Training NW3C Helps SROs Find a Place in “Communities” August, 2014
Training CRASE Training Helps Schools Fill the Gaps in School Safety Plans February, 2014
Training Meeting An Active Threat Head-On February, 2014
Training After the Shooting Stops February, 2014
Training Course Teaches Officers How to Administer Aid, Improve Survival August, 2013
Training Students Set the Pace in Learning About School Safety April, 2013
Training Gaining the “EDGE” on Virtual Training for Schools and First Responders November, 2018
Training Finding Ways to Maximize Limited Resources May, 2013
Model Program Idaho Takes Systematic Approach to School Safety Planning September, 2016
Videos University of Central Florida Leads Development of Bomb Threat Training Video August, 2016
Videos “Plan, Prepare, Act” Wins Award, Encourages Planning June, 2013
Videos Video Encourages Parents to Teach “Digital Citizenship” February, 2016
Videos Knoxville “Takes a Stand” Against Bullying March, 2015
Videos Video Encourages Viewers to Plan for Survival February, 2015
Videos Campus Video Shows “The Ways Out” of an Active Threat Situation March, 2014
Videos Webinar Focuses on Cyberbullying Strategies January, 2019
Videos Volunteers Come Together to Produce Free Training Video April, 2013
Videos It Takes a Village… February, 2013
Videos Video Series Helps Educators Learn “New Vocabulary” October, 2018
Videos Institutions of Higher Learning Enthused About Free Active Shooter Video January, 2018
Tech Innovations FBI Promotes Partnership Approach to Planning for Active Shooter Incidents January, 2014
Tech Innovations Promoting Parental Involvement to Reduce Risky Behaviors January, 2015
Tech Innovations Virginia Evaluates Threat Assessment Processes June, 2015
Tech Innovations Cooperation Is the Key in School Safety Planning January, 2015
Tech Innovations Office of Safe and Healthy Students Promotes Holistic Anti-bullying Approach February, 2014
Tech Innovations Simple Device Secures Doors, Peace of Mind November, 2013
Tech Innovations Providing a Bird’s-Eye View to Local Law Enforcement February, 2014
Tech Innovations New National Center for Campus Public Safety Sets Immediate and Long-Term Goals August, 2014
Tech Innovations Missouri Integrates Emergency Operations Into “1Plan” April, 2016
Tech Innovations Wisconsin High School First in Nation to Use Tool to Plan Sporting Event Drills June, 2014
Tech Innovations School Critical Incident Planning — Generator (SCIP-G) Helps Create Coordinated Response in Sumter County February, 2013
Tech Innovations Texas School Safety Center at Texas State University Provides Assistance and Answers October, 2014
Tech Innovations Rutgers Takes Simple Approach to “Text a Tip” March, 2016
Tech Innovations Using Technology to Prevent Violence in Schools March, 2017
Tech Innovations New FBI Resources Provide Best Practices for SROs May, 2017
Tech Innovations An SRO Talks About Female Body Armor April, 2017
Tech Innovations COPS Office and Police Foundation Release Reports on Averted School Violence February, 2019
Tech Innovations Field Search: Field-Based Computer Forensics Software Widens Its Scope April, 2017
Training NASRO Offers Updated and Expanded Training December, 2017