NIJ Products List

NIJ Publications, Videos, Software and Programs on School Crime and Safety
  • ASTRO — Active Shooter Training for the Responding Officer, produced by NIJ, is a Windows-based simulation tool that allows a law enforcement officer to be immersed in active shooter scenarios. The law enforcement officer must make decisions and act on those decisions to bring an end to the threat. Send an email to to request a copy.
  • Field Search software provides SROs with a free yet powerful tool to quickly and efficiently search a school-owned laptops/tablets that may have been used by students outside of policies against viewing/downloading certain banned images/music, or for accessing social media. Copies are available by by request.
  • It Can Happen Here (2009), produced by the NIJ Weapons and Protective Systems Technology Center of Excellence, is a documentary designed to inform and compel audiences of school safety stakeholders to prepare for man-made and natural emergencies. This video also provides resources needed to develop a new school safety plan, and to assess and improve existing plans through relationship building and technology. Watch the 1-hour It Can Happen Here video on YouTube.
  • The Role of Technology in Improving K-12 School Safety, synthesizes the key challenges associated with keeping public schools safe and the current state of safety practices and technology solutions. Although the focus is on K-12 public schools, the needs and available technologies are applicable to private schools as well. This research was funded by the National Institute of Justice and conducted by the RAND Corporation.
  • School Safe is a free app from the NLECTC System, with availability limited to qualified school safety resource officers (SROs) and school administrators. The app is available for iOS and Android devices. Visit to get your access code to download the app and start your safety assessment.
  • States’ Roles in Keeping Schools Safe: Opportunities and Challenges for State School Safety Centers and Other Actors (2017). This NIJ report includes information shared at a two-day NIJ state school safety meeting that included representatives from 20 states. The report provides a better understanding of the role of state school safety representatives, their priorities and challenges.
  • Summary of School Safety Statistics(2017). Produced by NIJ, this report contains data collected by researchers as well as federal agencies, including the Department of Education and Department of Justice. It examines several common beliefs pertaining to school safety statistics and provides evidence to support or dispel each of them.